RK: Live at Nexus (2010-06-13)


Live recording from RK of JERK's set at Nexus Night Cafe from the morning of Sunday 13th June. In addition to a considerably early 04:43 sunrise, the morning also featured free JERK CDs and DVDs and film screening.

In a gibe of playful disdain towards Ian Brown, who played a concert at Platt Fields Park a day or two previous, the set opens with (among other things) the bassline from a famous song by the Stone Roses.

Track listing:

Noze - You Have to Dance (Mathias Kaden's Mouthacapellapolka Remix)
Stone Roses - I Wanna Be Adored
RK - Apfel Pum
Herbert - Harmonise
Dzihan and Kamien - After (Atjazz Remix)
Trentemoller - Charge
John Tejada and Arian Leviste - Fashion Avenue
RK - Pum Pum Groove
Jurgen - Das Feine Filed (Colobian Hotel Doedel Mix)
RK - Norman P├Žnut Conquest
Bargepole - 1257402823
Feygin - Budva (Slum Dop Remix)
Jihad Muhammad - Melt in You (Mr V Sole Channel Instrumental)
Akufen - Theo's Theory (To Theo Parrish)
Matmos - Lipostudio... And So On
Closed Circuit - Onus Oscillator (RK Edit)
Closed Circuit - Not Grooved
Matmos - Stupid Fambaloo
Akufen - Hawaiian Wodka Party 3
The One AM Radio - Witness (John Tejada Remix)
RK - Nomore (Dub)
Noze - You Have to Dance (Mathias Kaden's Beatpolka Remix)
RK - Input Editor
Vikter Duplaix - What We Want
Basement Jaxx - U Don't Know Me (Solid Groove Remix)
RK - Mothercar
Catz 'n' Dogz - Sunset in the East (featuring Dop) (The Nature Boys Edit)
Ricardo vs Jay - Cactus Love
Atjazz - Facet of Jazz
Matmos - Fire Weather
Cristian Vogel - Artic Wolfman
RK - Brush Brethren
Theo Parrish - Dark Patterns
Trentemoller - Night Cap Driving
Hiro Ohta- Kakera (Charles Webster Dub Mix)
Farben - At The Golden Circle Stockholm
Juergen and Loverider - Hummus Drum Kit
Falko Brockepieper - Outrun
Cobblestone Jazz - Slap the Back
Jurgen - Bir Dir Sein
Akufen - Hawaiian Wodka Party 1
RK - CC/Frink; CC/Frox
Playgroup - Front 2 Back (Featuring KC Flight) (Switch Remix)
Jabberjaw - Maybe this Ain't Right
Metro Area - Miura
Trackheadz - Jah Shall Come
Cristian Vogel - Menthol Pencil
RK - Brunx
Atjazz - Day 2001
RK - Pum Pum Groove
The Rurals - Dub Eye
Run Stop Restore - Corporal
DJ Minx - A Walk in the Park (Matthew Dear's Park Closes at Dusk Mix)
Funkysoul - Faster
Dop - Romeo (featuring Noze)
Guillaume et le Coutu Dumonts - My Main Man (Flying Filter Edit)
95 North - Chasing My Dreams (Red Dub)
Soulphicion - Lickashot
Inxec - Obol
Mood II Swing - Call Me
JERK - Indio
Jersey Street - Nobody But My Lord
RK - Cluster Laughdown
Jill Scott - Slowly Surely (Theo Parrish's Ugly Edit)
RK - Pomme de Terre
Jay Haze - Change Something (Bucci remix)
JERK - Asoetic
Nick Holder - I Once Believed in U
Closed Circuit - XRub
Lusine - Two Dots
Brett Johnson - Hot Potato
Rechenzentrum - Lye
Noze - Love Affair 2
Nick Holder - Moments in Dub
Mossa - Mouthfull of Love
Soulphiction - Got it Right (Manmadescience mix)
Richard Davis - Tell You Something
Glance - Time
Closed Circuit - Not Grooved
Da Slammin Phrogz - Something About the Music (KV5 Mix)
Farben - So Much Love
RK - Apfel Pum
Moodymann - Sweet Yesterday
Juergen and Loverider - Bloody Mary Drum Kit
Moodymann - In Loving Memory
Bargepole - 1257384439
Atjazz - Harmony
Baba Brooks Band - Musical Communion

Various additional loops and edits by RK