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Juergen Ehrmann and Richard Knight have been collaborating long before the formation of JERK, although the association has been at times criminal. Bound under their ringleader Jack, Knight and Ehrmann were forced to find a way to bring panic and carnage to the disco in order to exploit the ears of the vulnerable.

Both broke free from the sonic bondage after some time and finally JERK was formed. Between 2009 and 2011, JERK took the main stage at Nexus night cafe as residents, playing sub-100bpm house and techno from 2 'til 6am.
Once, someone danced, but most people were too preoccupied with sipping tea or mashing out.

JERK's productions take dance music to a speed that the human heart is more familiar with, but the progression is not always gentle. Panic and anxiety underly the music, an echo of Jack's criminal abuses of JERK that they often try to suppress. Occasionally these emotions slip up in the productions, with split-second psychotic episodes punctuating the organic rhythms.

Juergen Ehrmann and Richard Knight are also both individually active as producers, with diverse output. One of their previous associations, Juergen and Loverider, is available on the internet, if you dare to search for it.